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Cavities, cracks, chips, decay-- these are all reasons you may require a dental crown. Occasionally the decay or damage of a tooth is beyond what a filling can repair and crowns are used in these cases. We pride ourselves on creating crowns that restore the look, function and feel of your natural teeth. We don’t want it to look or feel differently than all the other teeth in your mouth and that’s why we carefully select the right shade, aesthetically ensure that it is consistent with the look of your other teeth, and that it is designed to exactly replicate the shape and size.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped ‘cap’ that fits over your damaged tooth. Made of zirconia, porcelain, gold or PFM, dental crowns repair and restore the shape, size, strength and appearance of your tooth.


Dental crown procedure

A crown takes two separate appointments.
  1. On your first visit, we begin with a consultation to discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Kerr or Dr. Flory will then take Xrays of your tooth and prepare it for the procedure.
  2. Anesthetics are used to numb the areas we are working on to ensure your comfort.
  3. Decay is then gently removed from the tooth if needed.
    The tooth is then shaped and filed down to prepare for the fitting of your crown.
  4. An impression is taken of your teeth and sent to the lab where your custom crown is then designed.
  5. A temporary crown will be placed over your tooth to protect it while your permanent crown is being made.
  6. On a second visit, your temporary crown is removed and your permanent crown is bonded into place, restoring your smile.

How long will my dental crown last?

Dental crowns can last 20 to 30 years depending on the individual. Caring for your crown as well as you do for the rest of your teeth will ensure its longevity. Crowns are made of different materials and each has its benefits. Dr. Kerr and Dr. Flory will discuss each material with you and carefully explain each choice so that you feel confident making the best one.

Dental implant restoration

If the crowns on your dental implants are in need of restoration we are happy to help. Cracks, chips, or other damage can be fully restored, leaving you with a healthy looking and functioning smile.

Caring for your dental crown

It is important to care for your new crown to ensure it lasts as long as it can. Here are some of ways in which you can do this:

Brush and floss.

It is important to brush and floss your new crown, daily, the same as you do for your other teeth. To avoid dislodging the temporary crown, we recommend pulling the floss through from the side of your tooth rather than up through the teeth. A Proxabrush is recommended to help gently remove bacteria from between the teeth.

Use fluoride toothpaste and antiseptic mouth rinse.

This will also help prevent infection of the teeth and gums.

Refrain from hot drinks.

During these procedures, you will receive anesthetics that may cause temporary numbness of your teeth, tongue, lips and roof of your mouth. Please refrain from eating or drinking hot beverages until the numbness is completely worn off to avoid any burns to those areas.

Refrain from eating sticky and hard foods.

Temporary crowns are placed over the teeth to protect them while your custom crown is being made. Very occasionally the temporary crown can come off. We recommend avoiding sticky and hard foods like popcorn, caramel, nuts, hard candies and ice, until your permanent crown is cemented. Also, if possible, we suggest chewing on the opposite side of where your crown was applied.

Avoid smoking and tobacco products.

Smoking can slow down your healing process and increase risk of infection.

Tooth sensitivity.

After a procedure, it is normal to experience some temperature and pressure sensitivity. This should subside a few weeks after the placement of your permanent crown. Mild pain relievers may be used as directed by our office.

Persistent pain or uneven bite.

If your bite feels uneven, if you have persistent pain, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please call our office at 403-981-3685



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