Dentistry, Family and Community First.

The Cochrane Dentist
that will care for you like family!


We are a clinic that puts dentistry, family and community first.

These three values make up the core of our practice and we would love to show you how we emphasize each.

Exceptional dentistry is what we strive to deliver to each and every one of our patients. It is what we are passionate about and it is the foundation for our success. Our priority is to provide the residents of Cochrane (and surrounding areas) with the best dental care we can, and everything we do is done to achieve that goal.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Whether we're just meeting, or you're a familiar smile, each and every patient that walks through our doors, here in Cochrane, is much more than just a set of teeth!

We care about you and we are confident in the care we provide.  Come join what we consider to be our family outside of  home.  We can't wait to meet your smiling face!

We’re already smiling that you’re here.

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No Unanswered Questions


We understand that dental health, at times, can be complex. Helping you achieve your optimal oral health means providing you with thorough information surrounding all your dental options ... not just some!

We take the time to listen to your questions and provide answers so you can make informed decision regarding your dental treatment here in Cochrane, Alberta.  Unanswered questions have no place at our office.

Whether you have questions about a technical procedure, a financial concern, or how we can help ease dental anxieties, we want you to feel informed & confident in our care, and we'll do everything we can to ensure that.

Our patients appreciate this level of care & attention we provide.  We're certain you will too.

Not every shoe is the right fit.

Here, we value the connection we build with our patients, through trust and through the treatment we provide.

Let us show you how we put you at the forefront, every step of the way, so you feel comfortable and cared for.

Let’s be honest, not every Cochrane dentist will be the right fit for you either, but we've worked very hard over the years to ensure we comfortably cater to as wide a population as possible.

From our carefully hand-picked team members, to the way they're trained to carry out their duties, to the services we provide and how we manage the admin work that follows ... every decision we make here has your utmost satisfaction as the focus.

Yes, choosing a dentist can be overwhelming.  There are many choices, and some patients come to us with past experiences that have left them with nerves & uncertainty about seeing a dentist at all!

We want to show you that past experiences don’t have to determine future ones. Seem too good to be true? Well then, let’s just start with a chat and go from there. We’d love to introduce ourselves.


Dr. Justin Kerr

As a dentist, father, and proud resident of Cochrane, Dr. Kerr has a passion for helping people. He's always shown dedication to his community, and has been dedicated to his patients for over 23 years by providing exceptional dentistry in a welcoming, relaxed environment.

Dr. Kerr's goal is to ensure you feel heard and respected, and that you leave the clinic with all of your questions answered. Oh, and of course, with a great looking smile too! Click below to learn more about Justin, his values and the individual care he provides to his patients.

Meet Dr. Kerr

Dr. Mandy Flory

Dr. Flory strongly believes in fostering connection with each of her patients.  Known around the office as the ‘Child Whisperer’, her ability to connect with children is evident, as is her passion for dentistry.

Dr. Flory’s goal is to provide you with guidance and education so you feel in control, and confident, when making decisions for your oral health.  She is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, happy smile that you can enjoy for a lifetime!

Meet Dr. Flory



can’t wait to meet yours!


Our family outside of the home.

Here we take dentistry seriously ... very seriously ... but our mission is to deliver it in a fun and relaxed environment.  We feel we've struck the right balance.

Family is one of our core values.  We all have families of our own and at work it’s no different — we’re family here too!  As a patient you become part of that.

We love kids and we love providing them with a fun and positive place they can learn about dentistry.  We know how important it is to give children a voice.  Education is a key part of our connection with kids as we believe in starting them off on the right foot.  We teach them how to care for their teeth, what happens if they don’t (without scaring them!), what instruments we use, and why each one is important.  Our goal is to set your kids up for a positive experience they can carry forward for the rest of their life.

Meet the Sunset Ridge Dental family

We are very proud to be local to Cochrane

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We are incredibly proud to call Cochrane home.  We established Sunset Ridge Dental in 2015 with a vision and a commitment to not only provide comprehensive, affordable dentistry in our home town of Cochrane, but also to strengthen our community as a whole.

Dr. Kerr is dedicated to supporting local Cochrane businesses, artisans and events that make this beautiful town so special.

Annually, we take part in various events including Footstock, Cochrane Light Up, Cochrane’s Stampede Breakfast, and our annual Food Drive and Christmas Event, (just to name a few).  Dr. Kerr volunteers locally for two Cochrane minor soccer leagues as well.

New Patients

New to Sunset Ridge Dental in Cochrane? We can’t wait to meet you!  Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best possible dental experience & care with us. We're here to answer your questions and work together with you to achieve a healthy, happy smile.


You’re not alone!  Anxiety in the dental chair is more common than you might think and we are confident in the way we care for anxious patients.  We're a safe, non‑judgemental place to come & be yourself (nerves and all), and know that we are dedicated to your comfort.

Meet our Team

Come meet our family outside of home. We are a genuine, tight‑knit group that shares a passion for dentistry and caring for each and every one of our patients. We really can’t wait to get to know you!

Dental Services

We offer a full range of dental services for patients of all ages. From routine oral care to restorative & cosmetic procedures, we're committed to exceptional dentistry in a relaxed atmosphere. Come and learn about the services we offer!


Get professional dental care from kind people, in a comfortable setting.

With open arms, and an open chair, we would love to have you.

New patients are always welcome, without a referral.