Comprehensive Dentistry For You and Your Family


We offer our patients a full spectrum of dental services with the goal of providing dental care that meets the needs of you and your family.

We strive to develop long term relationships with our patients, building trust and a reliable foundation for you to achieve the optimal oral health you deserve.


Here are the general services and treatments we offer at Sunset Ridge Dental:



Let us help you achieve the smile you’ve always envisioned, so you can show off your smile with confidence.

Our goal is to see our patients smiling confidently. Our smiles say a lot about us, they are one of the first things people see and sometimes even minor imperfections can have a major impact on our confidence.

Stained, misaligned, widely spaced or even oddly shaped teeth prevent many from smiling at all. We don’t want that to be you. Come and explore the cosmetic options we have and let’s work together to help you achieve a healthy smile you feel great about.


Restore the look, feel and function of your natural smile with our restorative dental services.

Even with the best oral hygiene and regular trips to see us, teeth can still develop cavities and infection, accidents can cause dental traumas, and aging can result in changes to your teeth.

When these dental issues occur, restorative dental care is needed to ensure we correct those changes. Keeping your teeth healthy and functioning the way they should is our goal. Here are some of the restorative dental services we offer:




We love kids. We have kids. We were kids.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to children’s dentistry. Our practice is based around educating, encouraging and building confidence in the children who walk through our doors.

We strive to provide a fun and positive dental experience that they can carry with them and rely on as they grow. We encourage their voice and we understand that they, as much as we do as adults, want to feel in control of their dental care.

When kids understand why we are doing certain treatments and are educated on how it is done, they aren’t left in the dark with scary ‘what if’ questions.

We’d love to show you the ways in which we care for your children and their dental needs:

Learn about Children’s Dentistry


Get professional dental care from kind people, in a comfortable setting.

With open arms, and an open chair, we would love to have you.

New patients are always welcome, without a referral.