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Whether you are coming to us for the first time, or have been coming to us for years, this page will help you find info on:


See how well you will be treated, what type of appointment you need, and what to expect.


We'll always be considerate of your time when scheduling appointments, and simply ask the same in return.


We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide and can direct bill most dental insurance providers.

If you've booked your first appointment already, you can start on your New Patient Forms.

Below, you will also find additional information on the Dental Specialists that Dr. Kerr has relationships with in the Cochrane and Calgary area, and we have a unique Dental Education Tool you can search.


Welcome to our family!

Come and learn what that means, and what to expect at your first appointment.

Your first visit with us will be a chance to get to know one another. This is a time for us to talk about your dental concerns and history, potential anxieties, financial questions, family life, you name it. We want to get to know you and the goals you have for your oral health.

Our relationship with each and every patient is built on trust and genuine care. We value transparency with our patients and your comfort and care is our priority.

We look forward to meeting you and hope that your first visit with us positively impacts your dental experience.


Not sure which kind of appointment to book?
We have a few options for you:


This appointment is reserved for those patients in extreme pain, or suffering from a dental trauma or infection. We will make every effort to see you the day you call.


This appointment is reserved for those patients who are new to our clinic.


This 15 minute appointment is designed and tailored specifically to those children visiting us for the first time. This is a chance for them to come and meet us, get familiar with the dental clinic and have fun! We will have a quick peek in your child’s mouth to ensure everything is developing as it should, and show them that coming to the dentist is nothing to be afraid of.


This appointment is reserved for those who are considering becoming a patient and would like to meet our team, as well as for current patients looking for consultation on a dental service or cosmetic treatment.

To book your new patient exam, call 403‑981‑3685 or ...

What to expect on your new patient visit…

Well, let’s first start by saying, you can expect a team that will make your oral health care and experience with us our priority.

We will first learn about your medical and dental history, and current oral health routine. We want to listen to concerns you may have, what issues may be presenting and what dreams you have for your smile.

On your first visit, we will:

  • Begin with a complete evaluation of your oral health, reviewing your medical history, current medications and any potential allergies.
  • Complete a full dental assessment and exam.
  • Take digital X-rays.
  • Thoroughly clean your teeth and gums.
  • Tailor a treatment plan just for you. One that you feel confident following and one that will help you maintain a healthy, happy smile.

We value your time,
and our scheduling policies reflect that.


If you are suffering in pain or have an emergency dental issue, every attempt will be made to see you the day you call.

We value your time and understand that, for most of us, dental appointments are scheduled in and around work, family commitments and other appointments. This is why we try our best to stay on schedule to minimize delays.

When we schedule your appointment, we are reserving a room for your particular dental needs. If you need to cancel or change your appointment date/time we ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice. This courtesy makes it possible to use your reservation for another patient who needs it. Repeat cancellations within the 48 hour time frame or missed appointments will result in a $50.00 per visit fee.

While we do our best to stay on schedule, we provide a variety of dental services that may, occasionally, lengthen the time allocated for a procedure. Emergency cases can also arise and result in delays. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Maximize your dental insurance and put it toward a healthy smile!

We understand dentistry can be expensive and we strive to provide dental care at the most reasonable cost to you.

To save you time, energy and any unnecessary financial burden, we directly bill most insurance providers.

We don’t want you to have to pay upfront if it’s not required.

Our clinic follows the Alberta Dental Fee Guide. This transparency allows you to know our fees ahead of time.
You can access the Alberta Dental Fee Guide here.
If your insurance covers a portion of your dental fees, you will be responsible for the remaining balance at the time of your appointment.

We want to help you understand your insurance benefits and coverage. A call to your insurance company prior to your appointment can help us use the information you find in order to maximize your benefits and put them toward a healthy smile!

If you have questions about your dental coverage or your account with us please call us at 403-981-3685


We pride ourselves on being called “Clean Freaks”.

Doctor in blue latex gloves is taking a sealed dental probe from an autoclave sterilizer. Closeup horizontal photo.

Your safety is number one.

Following infection control and universal precautions protect you and us and we take it very seriously.

At Sunset Ridge Dental, we follow all procedures put in place by Alberta Health and the Alberta Dental Association & College.

These precautions include:

  • Sterilization of all equipment before every use, including dental handpieces. Our equipment is disinfected using an Autoclave which kills bacteria and viruses through steam, heat and pressure.
  • Using disinfectant soap
  • Wearing disposable gloves and face masks
  • Chemical disinfection of countertops and all surfaces
  • Using disposable materials, fresh for your use

We can't wait to get to know you, and to support your dental health in the best way!
Are you ready?  Call 403‑981‑3685 or ...

When a specialist is needed, we’ve got you covered.


If we can’t take care of you ourselves, we will always do our best to ensure you are well taken care of by a specialist.

Dr. Kerr has close relationships with many of the best dental specialists in the Greater Calgary Area. Some dental cases are complex and must be referred to a specialist. In these instances, we want you to be confident knowing we will ensure you receive the best care for your dental needs.


Dr. Kerr is a firm believer in educating his patients so you can make informed decisions regarding your dental health. The ADA Patient Education Library is a great resource in providing information on popular dental topics.

Feel free to browse through articles and videos that will help inform you on how to best take care of your smile.

Open the Patient Education Library

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Get professional dental care from kind people, in a comfortable setting.

With open arms, and an open chair, we would love to have you.

New patients are always welcome, without a referral.